Advancements with Ted Danson to Explore How Machine Learning is Improving Healthcare

Discover developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered applications.

In September of 2020, Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on recent improvements in healthcare research tools and technologies. Check local listings for more info.

With a look at the healthcare system in the U.S. and the vast number of people impacted each year as a result of inefficiencies, this segment of Advancements will explore how WellAI is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide early discipline and diagnosis for improved health outcomes.

Viewers will hear from experts in the field and will learn from scientists about this AI-powered application, which uses machine learning algorithms to read and summarize vast amounts of medical literature in order to provide a flexible and structured approach.

“Making healthcare comprehensive and accessible to everyone is what we deeply care about. We were inspired by the Call to Action by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on March 16, 2020. That pushed our team to develop WellAI’s COVID-19 research tool, a publicly available platform for medical researchers worldwide. In addition to aiding COVID-19 research, our team is currently focusing on fixing the U.S. healthcare system from the inside out. Specifically, we are giving business owners the necessary tools to improve employee health outcomes and thus reducing costly insurance premiums,” said Sergei Polevikov, CEO of WellAI.

The show will also uncover how WellAI apps are able to accept medical findings, ask follow-up questions, and suggest evidence-based paths for improving health outcomes, while helping scientists to quickly find promising research pathways related to pandemics, like that of COVID-19.

“Using its most powerful technology and data science resources, WellAI’s broader machine learning analytics tool compiles and analyzes over 25 million studies to improve health outcomes,” said DJ Metzer, senior producer for the Advancements series. “We look forward to exploring this technology.”

About WellAl

WellAI, LLC is a health and technology company dedicated to changing the way companies and individuals think about healthcare by empowering people in pursuit of wellness through the use of AI models and blockchain databases. WellAI helps employers improve group benefits, reduce health insurance costs for businesses and employees, and create healthier teams. WellAI apps are able to accept medical findings, ask follow-up questions, and suggest evidence-based paths for improving health outcomes. While WellAI personal health applications are not meant to replace doctors, they can serve as an additional resource for those who want to understand and improve their health using evidence-based science. For more information, call 307-278-1819 or visit

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