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For over 50 years, A&H Worldwide has been the global leader in product packaging. In early 2020, we re-tooled our factory to produce protective face shields. Our face shields meet FDA-EUA* (Face Shield) requirements and are made of durable, recycled polyester plastic which provides a clearer view and a safe environment around your face and head. Many other types of face shield plastic, including PVC are not made from recycled plastic and do not provide as clear a view for users. We manufacture our own recycled sheet plastic and have complete control of the quality to ensure the best clarity in every shield we produce. Our shields feature an adjustable elastic band, a comfortable foam headband, and are available in two sizes. Standard size is 13'W X 9'Land Small size is 12'W X 8'L. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are made right here in the USA. We also offer a 1? rigid foam headband for users whowear eyeglasses or those who require a bit of extra space. Our foam is durable, holds its shape and won?t compress like many other lower quality versions of foam.Protective face shields provide many benefits that a cloth face covering alone won?t provide.

Production Capabilities

  • Finished Products

    Face Shields, Medical Apparel/PPE, Packaging

  • PPE Finished Goods

    Face Shields

  • Number of Employees


  • Cutting Capabilities

    Fully Automatic / Computerized cutting

  • Country

    China, United States of America

  • Sewing Operators Available

  • Certifications

  • FDA Certification Category

  • Raw Material Goods

  • Medical Grade Materials

  • Equipment

  • Single-Ply or Multi-Ply Cutting Capabilities

  • Manual Cutting Operators Available

  • Automated Cutting Machines Available

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