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We are able to produce high quantities of PPE. Our company is ISO9001:2015 certified, have been working in clothing industry from 1967 - experience, flexibility and good geographic location (Lithuania) serves a lot of additive values. Good lead times, fluent communication and high quality production.

Production Capabilities

PPE Finished Goods
Consumer Face Masks Disposable Personal Protective Apparel Lab coats Medical face masks Surgical Bunny Suit Surgical Gowns
Cutting Capabilities
Manual cutting Fully Automatic / Computerized cutting
Number of Employees
Band Knife Cutting Machines Buttonhole, sewing or covering Computer Controlled Knife Cutting Machines Double-Needle Drill Machines Label sewing Lock-stitch Over-edge/ Over-lock Round Knife Cutting Machines Single-Needle Top and bottom cover stitch flatbed
Finished Products
Consumer Face Masks Denim Apparel Disposable Personal Protective Apparel Lab coats Medical Apparel/PPE Medical face masks Shoe Covers Surgical Bunny Suit Surgical Gowns
Single-Ply or Multi-Ply Cutting Capabilities
Single-Ply Cutting Multi-Ply Cutting

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