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Business Details

American Brands & Co

We can make anything that requires cutting, sewing or welding such as gown, curtains, body bags, etc. We also produce specialty products made with patented nano fabric. Call us ASAP so we can provide our products or design any new ones.

Production Capabilities

  • Finished Products

    Disposable Personal Protective Apparel, Head-Covers, Intimates/ Lingerie, Medical Apparel/PPE, Scrub Suits, Shoe Covers, Surgical Gowns

  • PPE Finished Goods

    Disposable Personal Protective Apparel, Surgical Gowns

  • Number of Employees


  • Cutting Capabilities

    Manual cutting

  • Country

    United States of America

  • Equipment

    Band Knife Cutting Machines, Bar tack, Binding Folders, Buttonhole, sewing or covering, Die Cutting Machines, Double-Needle, Drill Machines, Heat-Seam, Label sewing, Lock-stitch, Over-edge/ Over-lock, Round Knife Cutting Machines, Single-Needle, Straight knife Cutting Machines, Thermal Fusion

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