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Apparel Manufacturing and Digital Services, LLC

If you need help converting your facility to PPE products I can help with costs, capacities, training, set up, procurement of machines and material. Over 25 years experience in Lean Manufacturing Processes, product engineering, contract and plant management, quality control, as well as implementation of the latest apparel manufacturing software and digital processes.

Production Capabilities

United States of America
PPE Finished Goods
Bedding Consumer Face Masks Disposable Personal Protective Apparel Lab coats Lifting systems (slings) Medical beds Medical face masks Privacy curtains Restraint/ safety straps Surgical Bunny Suit Surgical Gowns
Number of Employees
Finished Products
Bedding Body Bags/ Transport Bags Consumer Face Masks Denim Apparel Disposable Personal Protective Apparel Head-Covers Lab coats Lifting systems (slings) Medical Bags Medical face masks Privacy curtains Restraint/ safety straps Scrub Suits Shoe Covers Surgical Bunny Suit Surgical Drapes Surgical Gowns

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Shoshana Burgett

Shoshana Burgett

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