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We can provide all kinds of Disposable and reusable fabrics

Production Capabilities

PPE Finished Goods
Bedding Disposable Personal Protective Apparel Lab coats Medical face masks N95 Face Masks Surgical Bunny Suit Surgical Gowns Textile components for heart monitoring
Raw Material Goods
Textiles (Non-Woven, Woven, Knit, Jacquard) Finished/Converted Raw Materials Industrial Textiles
Number of Employees
Finished Products
Bedding Denim Apparel Disposable Personal Protective Apparel Head-Covers Lab coats Medical Apparel/PPE Medical Bags Medical face masks N95 Face Masks Scrub Suits Shoe Covers Surgical Bunny Suit Surgical Drapes Surgical Gowns Tarps/ Tents/ Flexible Structures Textile components for heart monitoring

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Shoshana Burgett

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