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Business Details

RBH Designs, LLC

Utilizing 20+ years experience with technical textiles including barrier fabrics. Diverse design and manufacturing capabilities, supply chain, R&D and consulting. RBH Designs has barrier laminates that have been ASTM tested for blood and viral penetration.

Production Capabilities

  • Finished Products

    Consumer Face Masks, Medical Apparel/PPE, Tarps/ Tents/ Flexible Structures, Upholstery & Seating

  • PPE Finished Goods

    Consumer Face Masks

  • Number of Employees


  • Cutting Capabilities

    Manual cutting

  • Country

    United States of America

  • Raw Material Goods

    Textiles (Non-Woven, Woven, Knit, Jacquard), Elastic, Finished/Converted Raw Materials, Threads, Industrial Textiles, Zippers/ Closures, Trims/ Embellishments, Film

  • Equipment

    Bar tack, Binding Folders, Die Cutting Machines, Heat-Seam, Lock-stitch, Over-edge/ Over-lock, Single-Needle, Sonic or Ultra-Sonic, Top and bottom cover stitch flatbed

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