Bizly Expands Platform To Support Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

New Virtual Meeting and Health & Safety Features Help to Make Hybrid Meetings Simple.

Bizly, a meeting technology company, announced today that it is expanding beyond in-person and can now be used for planning virtual and hybrid small group experiences. This new release also includes new health & safety features to support compliance with company guidelines when booking venues.

This new virtual meeting feature makes it easy for event teams to templatize virtual meeting best practices while still utilizing their existing video conferencing providers. Companies are able to scale their virtual meeting expertise among non-professional event planners by providing pre-filled guidance for meeting communications. This type of pre-meeting communication is intended to improve virtual meeting engagement and limit technical difficulties.

Bizly is designed to empower administrative professionals and others with self-service registration without the complexity of traditional event software. As hybrid events return, users will now have the ability to easily see who plans to attend in-person or virtually in order to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.

“The world has gone entirely virtual in a matter of months and is likely to stay at least partially virtual for the remainder of this year and into next year,” says Ron Shah, CEO of Bizly. “We see a market opportunity to own simple, self-service virtual experiences when you want to create an above-average experience without using a complex virtual meeting technology platform. Our mission has always been to empower anyone to be able to create meaningful self-enabled small group experiences and this is the next step in that journey.”

“Bizly continues to remain the only event management platform designed for small, simple, self-service (SSS) meetings and events,” says Kevin Iwamoto, Chief Strategy Officer of Bizly. “Given the recent shift to virtual, we wanted to make it easy for our current customers to continue to use Bizly’s great planning features, while also preparing for the return to business planning via hybrid events – which Bizly is uniquely qualified to help with.”

According to PCMA, 51% of event professionals believe small and local events will be the first to return. When hybrid small events do return, travel & event teams will need to communicate how they are effectively following health & safety guidelines. Bizly has added the CDC health & safety guidelines for events to its homepage. Bizly customers will have the ability to edit this to match their own company guidelines and ensure meeting organizers have the company’s health & safety checklist at their fingertips when booking venues.

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