Capozzi Design Group Launches Healthy Home Webinar Series as Interest in Healthy Homes Rise Amidst COVID-19

Local Chagrin Falls Businesses Facilitate Education by Launching a Healthy Home Webinar Series.

Anne Capozzi, president of Capozzi Design Group of Chagrin Falls, OH has launched a Healthy Home Webinar series. Her remodeling clients aren’t surprised because she’s no stranger to healthy living. Anne’s had a keen interest in health and nutrition since she was a teenager. Her husband and business partner (Kevin) is a triathlete and an active participant in endurance events. As her clients have started spending more time in their homes, Anne felt the time was right to start sharing more about her passion and how it relates to renovating. It comes as no surprise that there are related products and materials in our homes that may have an impact on our overall health, as well as general wellness. Always willing to share her knowledge, Anne launched a Healthy Home educational webinar series to educate others further on this topic.

The Healthy Home webinar series started by focusing on air quality, clean water, mold, lighting, and humidity. “There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to how the materials in your home may affect your health and wellbeing”, says Capozzi. “While a water filtration system can protect your drinking water, not having adequate whole house systems may expose your family to toxins while bathing, in laundry cycles, etc. Maintaining dry kitchens and bathrooms significantly reduces the growth of indoor mold spores, but many homeowners may not have proper ventilation or use them correctly”, adds Capozzi.

When local Dr. Dan Neides of Inspire Wellness learned about the series, he volunteered to help host the educational series. Dr. Neides added additional content related to the three drivers of all chronic diseases. Inflammation (from your own immune system), nutrient deficiencies (because of poor farming practices and poor food choices), and poor detoxification (due to the overwhelming burden of environmental toxins).

Over the last month Dr. Neides and Anne Capozzi have expanded the content to include healthy meal preparation, health-oriented appliances, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. “We’re excited to be a part of the Healthy Home webinar series. Our mission is to educate, support and inspire those who are ready in the quest for increasing vitality and quality of life, and the webinar series aligns perfectly with it”, adds Dr. Neides.

About Capozzi Design Group

Founded in 1995 by Anne Capozzi, CKD, CAPS, CLIPP, Capozzi Design Group offers full service residential remodeling including additions, kitchens, bathrooms, and whole house remodels. With a showroom in Chagrin Falls, certified designers work with homeowners to create the new space of their dreams and have in-house craftsmen to build every project. They pride themselves as a single-source solution for any home remodeling project. They can be reached at 440.247.9496 or on the web at

About Inspire Wellness

The goal at Inspire Wellness is to bring you to an invigorating yet relaxing environment to allow education and healing to occur. Your body has the innate ability to heal if given the opportunity. We help you figure out what your body needs more of and what it needs less of so that balance is restored. Providing your body with optimal nutrition and opening all detoxification pathways is the foundation of what we do. Inspire Wellness can be reached at 216-965-9303 or online at

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