Civicom® Congratulates Intellus Worldwide’s Health Literacy Initiative on IHA Health Literacy Award for Research

Leading-edge marketing research services provider Civicom congratulates the Intellus Worldwide’s Health Literacy Initiative (HLI) which received the 19th Annual Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) Health Literacy Award in the Research category.

Leading-edge marketing research services provider Civicom congratulates the Intellus Worldwide’s Health Literacy Initiative (HLI) which received the 19th Annual Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) Health Literacy Award in the Research category.

Intellus Worldwide’s Health Literacy Initiative is a coalition of insights volunteers that aims to provide today’s healthcare leaders with the tools and understanding required to address the growing needs of patients with varying health literacy levels. The HLI team received the award for their study on Health Literacy Guidance for HCP Communication with Patients.

Civicom’s involvement as one of the research partners in the study was initiated by Tom Donnelly of Branding Science, a valued client who has trusted Civicom to deliver consistent quality service over the years.

Civicom has a strong industry presence in market research facilitation through its secure CyberFacility® solution for conducting telephone and web-enabled market research in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups. The award-winning project was supported by leveraging Civicom CyberFacility for running multiple webcam in-depth interviews with video playback capabilities. Civicom is HIPAA compliant and maintains a comprehensive information security policy.

“It was an absolute honor to support Tom and the entire Intellus Health Literacy Initiative team in this research effort,” says Ben Adosto, a Senior Global Account Manager for Civicom Marketing Research Services. “I think there needs to be more push for people in our space to do volunteer work, and this was a great opportunity. Improving health literacy is very much aligned with Civicom being a Buy Forward company.”

As a Buy Forward company, Civicom is permanently committed to giving 10% of its profits to charitable causes. Civicom founded Feathers Project (, a charity enabling sponsors from all over the world to be matched with beneficiaries from a developing country and become connected through a virtual meeting facilitated by Civicom Marketing Research Services.

About the Institute for Healthcare Advancement

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit charity dedicated to empowering people to achieve better health. To fulfill this mission, the IHA publishes easy-to-read books and teachers’ manuals, organizes an annual continuing education health literacy conference, offers health literacy rewrite/design and original writing and graphic design services, evaluates patient education materials and communications, and more. For more information about the IHA, visit

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