Client’s Initials are Everything

Author: Anonymous,  Design Fail Submission

A large client required us to design a very impressive brochure. It was a custom size, with stepped pages, six colors, and PMS-matched printing on an uncoated cream stock. The client approved everything. I’m there to sign off on the press proof, and all looks good. The print job was going to cost $30,000.

The job is delivered, and the client calls to share he isn’t happy with the contrast on the back cover. He claims that we used the wrong PMS brown. However, we have all of the swatches he approved and signed off on. The client continues telling me if he would have never signed off if he was present to proof the job.

The client stalls payment of the print job and next gets in a legal battle with his partner that requires mediation. The funds are frozen. Long story short, we were out $30k for 1.5 years before we were paid. It was scary!!

Today we charge 20% to broker printing, and require half of the payment up front. We also now require our clients to initial at every step of the process.

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