Comtrend Releases New Telco-Grade Mesh-Enhanced WiFi and Cloud Management System for Service Providers

Comtrend enables Service Providers to turn their existing deployed devices into a powerful Mesh-Enhanced WiFi system.

Comtrend, a designer and manufacturer of purpose-built networking equipment, today announced the release of a cutting-edge solution for Service Providers to turn their existing deployed devices into a Mesh-Enhanced WiFi system. WifiXtend2.0™ is the ultimate entire-home WiFi managed system that can be set up quickly and easily at the user’s home.

Up until now, the Service Provider’s customer service representatives have had limited insight into the subscriber’s home WiFi network; only the Gateway to the Internet status could be detected. With the goal of giving the Service Provider greater visibility of their subscriber’s home network, Comtrend purpose-built a Mesh-Enhanced WiFi System consisting of hardware, software, and a Telco-Grade, TR-069 cloud-based management system that helps keep subscribers better connected. It reduces service costs and resolves problems faster by viewing the customer’s connection and configuration in real time.

Additional advantages of this Mesh-Enhanced WiFi include a unified SSID across the home and adaptive roaming where WiFi devices are continuously connected to the strongest signal – no matter where the subscriber is in the home.

“We are continuously searching for new ways to make life easier for the Service Provider and ultimately provide the end-user with the best possible home WiFi experience,” says Edward Yu, Comtrend Taiwan’s Marketing Director.

Comtrend WifiXtend2.0™ is a cross-chipset solution that is interoperable among various Gateways and Mesh-Enhanced access points (AP). It has already been implemented into Broadcom, Quantenna, Realtek, MediaTek, Celeno, etc. This creates a flexible solution that is suitable and beneficial to the Service Providers’ unique applications.

Comtrend has developed a complete product portfolio of WifiXtend2.0™-supported CPE including DSL and Ethernet Gateways as well as GPON. In addition to the WiFi Mesh-Enhanced AP, Comtrend offers a market-proven Mesh-Enhanced AP with Powerline as the backhaul. This is designed for homes that have hard-to-reach locations or building materials that interfere with Wireless-to-Wireless connectivity. All of Comtrend’s WifiXtend2.0™-supported products are software upgradable to the Mesh-Enhanced features.

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