5 Athleisure Fabrics Digital Printing Tips

Author: Debbie McKeegan, Texintel

Debbie McKeegan’s technical team explains some of the most popular materials for athleisure and offers tips on how to digitally print on them.

Beccy Bland Pattern Designer

A state of the art combination fabric where silver is woven in with the base yarn giving unrivalled anti-microbial properties, harnessing the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabric, eliminating human-based odour for the life of the garment.

Digital Printing Tip:

Set the ink limits to the minimum amount of colour required so that image flooding is avoided and save on ink costs.

Stylish eco-friendly solution for a sustainable lifestyle. Bamboo Blends are natural fabrics that are light, soft, odour repellent, breathable, and perfect for people with skin allergies.

Digital Printing Tip:

Get the fabric tensions spot-on to avoid creasing.

Beccy Bland Pattern Designer
Beccy Bland Pattern Designer Logo
Beccy Bland Pattern Designer Logo

Created as a substitute to Silk, this tactile material has low moisture absorbency, is resistant to dirt crease-free, long lasting and more durable than polyester. Widely used in Sportswear, as a durable, breathable option that dries quickly after a workout.

Digital Printing Tip:

Don’t over expose to excessive heat during processing as the fabric can easily melt.


Made from Plastic, Polyester is the most widely used of all fabrics in Athleisure wear. When Digitally printed it produces beautiful vibrant and fast colours. A durable fabric that is lightweight, crease resistant and easy care. It also has substantial insulation properties.

Digital Printing Tip:

Check for fabric shrinkage before printing or transferring.


Spandex or Elastane activewear fabrics are extremely stretchy, and often called Lycra. They have great shape recovery, and are often blended alongside other fibres to help maintain shape and support. It is the must have component for stretch fabrics, quick drying and breathable, and is widely used in leggings where four way stretch properties are vital.

Digital Printing Tip:

Use sticky transfer paper to eliminate loss of register and avoid slippage.

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