Meet Adobe’s Textile Designer PhotoShop Plug-In

Author: Shoshana Burgett, Pink Elephant Productions

Adobe’s Mike Scrutton Talks Adobe Design to Print & Textile Designer
We caught up with Adobe’s Mike Scrutton to discuss the new Adobe Textile Designer. Available in beta, this plug-in for Photoshop helps creatives design for printed textiles and offers compelling design repeat features. Watch Part I of our Video.
Part II: Adobe Design to Print is here.

What is Adobe Textile Designer?
Bold prints and striking patterns – whether you’re shopping for a new outfit or refreshing the look of your living room, an eye-catching design is all important. Designers use Photoshop today to start their fabric designs. That’s why we are introducing Adobe Textile Designer – –  a set of tools for fashion and décor artists to help streamline the process of designing prints for fabrics. Now you can do more, much more, all within Photoshop, while keeping every element editable until you are ready to send it to your printer. This includes previewing patterns, defining separations, and working with colorways.

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