Top 10 Gifts for Creatives This Holiday Season

Stumped on what to get for the holidays? Let us help. Our Top 10 Gifts have ideas for designers, marketers, photographers and more.

Author: Shoshana Burgett

We list the top gifts for your creative friends this holiday season. 

This is one gift your photography lovers will thank you for. This lens hood is a one size fits all, that installs and packs easily. Every photography utilizes a lens hood to enhance their shot.

The Universal Lens Hood is excellent because it enhances the shot and protects the camera lenses. The universal design is meant to fit 99% of camera lenses. Your photo enthusiast can travel with less gear yet bring more functionality with this camera lens hood. Backed by a lifetime warranty from the company, this is one stocking stuffer any photographer enthusiast will love and appreciate.

Transformative Chair shown in six different positions the user can sit in
Transformative Chair adjusts and shift into many positions, allowing you to feel great in any position.

This could be the be-all, end-all chair for the creative office. This chair can adjust and shift into many positions, allowing you to feel great in any position.

The BeYou chair is intuitive. Your body naturally switches positions with the chair. You can work on your laptop, play on your switch, lounge, relax, or take a Zen moment to yourself. The BeYou Transformative Chair is easy to adjust and simply takes one click while sitting in the chair. Each wing of the chair can be set into one of five positions. Use the armrests or backrest, to support your knees. The BeYou is more thoughtful than a glass of wine on a bad day and more versatile than a Swiss army knife. At $349 on Indiegogo, it is priced competitively and makes the perfect gift for a designer’s home office. The sleek design will inspire all creatives.

Kolormondo color globe showing how colors work in a 3D space
Kolormondo color globe showing how colors work in a 3D space

No matter what age, the kolormondo color globe is the newest educational tool. The Kolormondo is a simple, clean design for children, students, or educators to interact with and understand color in a three-dimensional space. Kolormondo is the latest educational tool, used in design universities, architecture, and fashion schools in Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai, and Stockholm. Companies like Akzo Nobel, Apple Computers, Chanel, and Hugo Bozz include the Kolormondo as part of their color training, and now you can have one on your desk too.

Designers love the physical experience of drawing but rely on digital software to manipulate, edit, and share. A graphic tablet allows creatives to edit their art or photos with a pressure-sensitive drawing pad. The Wacom tablet connects to a PC or MAC via a USB connection.  It is compact yet provides a fair-sized drawing area of 6 inches x 3.7 inches and comes with customizable keys for defining shortcuts and a pen that requires no charging.

For those looking for bigger drawing space and the ability to draw and see on the same unit, there the Wacom offers the DTC133WOA with a 13.3 screen that acts as a screen and tablet, designers and draw right on the screen and interact with their work directly. The Wacom display has surface friction that feels natural and makes using a drawing tablet more intuitive. For those working virtual, you can use the Wacom One as an extended display to efficiently annotate documents or convey ideas to students or colleagues over web-conference

This is the definitive guide for branding, The Dictionary of Brand is the one book that every designer or marketer should have on their shelf. Marty Neumeier, design guru and author of The Brand Gap, created an advisory board of ten experts, brand strategists, researchers, advertising, product designers, identity designer, web designer, and corporate brand managers to help define and develop what is considered the first brand language. With over 200 terms, this book allows different teams to work together and communicate.

This is another great book that should reside on a creative’s bookshelf. The Graphic Design School book helps develop and nurture students’ core competencies, providing practical advice to students and readers. This Seventh Edition offers a comprehensive look at visual communications, providing examples from the web, apps, social media, magazines, websites, and books. It’s a great reference book that designers will refer back to over and over again.

The history of printing has changed dramatically during the last 200 years, moving away from letterpress printing to photographic and electronic technologies. The Museum of Printing, located in Haverhill, Massachusetts houses one of the world’s largest collections of printing and typesetting hardware and ephemera. This museum is dedicated to preserving the graphic arts history, printing and typesetting technology, and printing craftsmanship. It contains hundreds of antique printing, typesetting, and bindery machines and a library of books and printing-related documents. Run by the legendary Frank Romano, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) professor, and print historian, Frank knows everything about fonts, type, and printing technology.

The Museum offers several types of memberships, including an option for access to over 1,000 North American Museums. The membership offers a quarterly newsletter, which is never available digitally, and only available in its printed format. It has thoughtful articles on printing, typeset, and design. The museum relies on donations and sponsorships. In this holiday season, this is a wonderful organization to consider.

When the wrappings are gone, it is time to take pen and paper to send a thank you to your loved ones, friends, or clients. These beautiful Color Theory notecards are just perfect. Color fascinates everyone, from artists to philosophers. These twelve cards are modern and aesthetically pleasing. Mimi Robinson designed these cards to express the key principles of color. All cards feature a detailed caption explaining the principle of color theory illustrated on the front of the card and a watercolor wash on the inside flap.

There is something soothing about two colors that have a smooth gradient between them. At 1,000 pieces, this gradient jigsaw puzzle is a challenge. Simple colorful gradient colors can seem playful and fun. However, the pieces are barely distinguishable making it great family fun on a cold winter evening.

For your designer friend who refuses to use a tablet, these fun stencils enhance any journal entry or design. Made of stainless steal, these will last a long time and can be used for design, scrap books, bullet journals and more.

Need more ideas for the designer or creative in your family? Check out our earlier article on Old School Tools Every Designer Should Own. These simple and affordable items make great gifts!

Disclosure: Many of the links in the gizmos section are affiliate links.  If you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission. Keep in mind that we link these companies and their products so that it is easier for people to find.  Whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you; that decision is yours. This small commission helps support the colorkarma site so we may provide free access to the creative community.

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