DesignRush Best Creative Packaging Design Ideas 2020

63% of consumers agree that product packaging is as important as the brand itself. DesignRush identified the most creative packaging ideas of 2020 that attract attention and engage consumers.

63% of consumers agree that product packaging is as important as the brand itself.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, compiled a list of the most creative packaging designs of 2020 that are appealing to consumers.

The top 15 creative packaging design ideas are:

1. Made Coffee

Made Coffee’s package design is elegant, yet fun. It combines capital letters, simple cursive font and a playful balance of illustration to achieve an exciting and opulent design.

2. Green Gate London

Green Gate London’s packaging design is dark and sleek. It uses colorful illustrations, gold foil and an unusual font that illustrate the unique, organic qualities of its product.

3. Woolf Sung Scotch

Woolf Sung Scotch’s packaging design is dark and mysterious. It features a man and wolf on the front which emphasizes secrecy.

4. Seed and Bean

The package design of Seed and Bean’s vegan chocolates features matte paper covering, cursive font and soft colors resembling different fruits that capture the organic qualities of the products.

5. Säde Schnapps

Säde Schnapps’s liquor packaging design focuses on minimalism. It incorporates elegant illustrations of greenery and natural formations that line the stark white labels to allude to its all-natural ingredients.

6. Absolut Vodka

The brand’s drink gift package is modern and playful. Their signature logo is combined with black matte color and simple, bold typography.

7. Jose Cuervo 222

Jose Cuervo’s package design for its 222 birthday comes in limited edition. The brand uses bright colors and religious and historical figures to bring its products to life.

8. Thelma’s Treats

Thelma’s Treats Oven Box is innovative and replicates a miniature oven. Its designers carefully picked the colors and incorporated deep brown and bright blue to add contrast.

9. Glossier

Glossier’s package design is minimalistic and sophisticated. They use a little color and a simple shape to target its millennial audience.

10. Clutch Bodyshop

Clutch Bodyshop packaging emphasizes elegance and simplicity. The brand used a monochromatic color scheme and big, bold letters to grab attention.

11. Brooklyn Candle Studio

This brand used lowercase font and gold, pocket-sized tins to give its candle packaging a soft and subtle look.

12. Mr. Smith Shampoo and Conditioner

Mr. Smith took advantage of minimalism and focused on bright, clean and white design without coloring to make its bottles stand out.

13. Meow Meow Tweet Lip Repair Balm

The brand’s lip repair balm packaging embodies the natural aspects of the product. It uses minimal copy, subtle colors, little typography and fluid shapes to capture the consumers’ eyes.

14. Ciderie Milton

Ciderie Milton’s beer comes in soft, simple and stylish packaging. Matte-colored labels wrap around the bottles and depending on the type of cider, different colors are used.

15. Corte Vetusto Mezcal

Corte Vetusto Mezcal’s packaging design is fun and playful. To capture the Oaxacan spirit, the brand used black colored bottles and blue and white neck labels to showcase a drawing of a puma.


These packaging designs are creative and inspiring. They catch consumers’ attention and engage them.

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