Despite Surge in Retail Sales, Tribe Can Help Consumers’ Support Small Business Online Sales

New Tech Tool Offers Consumers Opportunity to Choose Small Businesses on Amazon When Shopping for Products Online.

Despite a 17.7% increase in the U.S. Retail Sales report for the month of May, millions of small businesses across the country are still in desperate need of support from consumers through online sales. A free, new tech tool, the Small Business Browser Extension, is now giving American consumers the option to choose to make their purchase from a small business on Amazon instead of larger corporate competitors.

A Chamber of Commerce poll recently showed that a fifth of small businesses remain closed even as states gradually reopen their economies. To support the small business community, many of whom continue to rely solely on online sales, and ensure they safety of Americans not yet ready to return to the public, Tribe (, a tech company helping empower consumer spending, is now providing an easy and safe way for consumers shopping on Amazon to support small businesses with its new, free Small Business Browser Extension.

“Many small businesses are relying solely on online sales to help them stay afloat during these challenging times,” said Tribe CEO and founder Kim Pieper. “Even more so, some Americans are still not ready to return to the public to shop with restrictions on indoor shopping. Tribe’s free Small Business Browser Extension gives consumers a new, free tool to shop for products offered by small businesses safely and easily right on Amazon.”

Tribe’s new Small Business Browser Extension is a free tool helping consumers easily identify products sold by small businesses on Amazon. As consumers shop online for thousands of products ranging from household items to snacks to cosmetics, the Small Business Browser Extension empowers online shoppers to easily choose and directly support, shop and purchase products from America’s small business community.

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“Tribe’s free Small Business Browser Extension gives consumers the power to use their dollars to select and purchase thousands of desired products directly from a small business while shopping online,” concluded Pieper.

Sales at non-store retailers, like Amazon, rose 9% in May after already showing a 9.5% growth in online sales the month before. These latest numbers further illustrate the importance of online sales for America’s small business community and now consumers have a way to harness their collective purchasing power to help. American consumers continue to express in public opinion polling their overwhelming desire to support their small business community during these unprecedented economic times. A poll last month of 2,000 consumers nationwide conducted by Groupon showed that 86% of respondents reported supporting a local, small business during quarantine and 75% expressed plans to continue that support “as much as possible.”

When consumers add Tribe’s Small Business Browser Extension to their browser of choice and search for their favorite products on Amazon, the free tool appears as a small box in the corner of their browser window, alerting the shopper to similar products offered by a small business. The new tool is currently available for download on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

About Tribe, a tech company helping empower consumer spending, aims to fuel the conscious consumerism movement by sharing relevant information at point of purchase to help consumers support companies that share their values. Currently, Tribe can share information on business size and animal testing status with plans to further help consumers make the best choice possible. The company is continually adding data on additional corporate policies, practices and platforms, while also seeking additional small businesses to add to the platform. Visit and get Tribe at

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