Digital Visibility Concepts Pledges 5% Profits To WHO

DVC Pledges 5% of Profits To WHO

Digital Visibility Concepts (DVC), a marketing agency based in Burbank, California, has announced that it is donating 5 percent of its profits for the next 60 days to the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to its efforts to help fight the coronavirus outbreak internationally, DVC is initiating its own social distancing policy. DVC is requiring all of its employees to work from home in an effort to help minimize the virus spread in its community.

COVID-19 is a virus that emerged from Wuhan, China, and has since spread all over the world resulting in thousands of deaths, lockdowns of entire countries, and havoc in the healthcare systems of many nations. Some countries such as ChinaSouth Korea, and Singapore have been able to successfully contain the virus through rigorous testing, contact tracing, and quarantine of infected individuals giving hope to the world.

Jeremy Dickson, CEO of DVC, stated, “This is a time when every human needs to work together in order to get through these very tough times, as humans we are far more resilient than we realize. We must all do our part. DVC is donating 5% of its profits.”

WHO has been working with countries around the world affected by the pandemic by gathering data, helping countries prepare, and working with the UN in its Global Humanitarian Response Plan. This global plan will provide materials for testing as well as medical supplies and equipment to countries with weaker health systems.

DVC is a family-owned business that provides full-service digital marketing services such as social media management, text message marketing, paid search management (Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.), search engine optimization (SEO), website design and hosting, graphic design, and online reputation management.

DVC is one of the nation’s leading digital marketing agencies, and offers its services from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies who are looking to enhance their digital visibility. DVC offers competitive pricing and no contract, month-to-month service arrangements.

For more information about how DVC can help your company with digital marketing or for a quote on any of their services, call their toll-free number at 1-888-354-6110.

DVC will continue to be open to assist it’s clients and help those needing their marketing services for the duration of this crisis.

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CEO and founder of DVC, Jeremy Dickson, has many years of experience in the marketing industry. He has been a featured speaker in multiple digital marketing seminars including one hosted by Georgetown University in 2014. He is accredited by Bing and is Google Adwords certified. DVC’s corporate office is located in Burbank, California.

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