Extensis Releases New Updates in Suitcase Fusion; ‘List View Previews’ Feature Returns Based on Resounding Popularity

Extensis’ professional font manager streamlines workflows so designers can create without interruption.

Today, Extensis® is releasing a new update to Suitcase Fusion®, the professional font manager that unlocks the full potential of a designer’s font collection and makes productivity a creative advantage.

This new version includes the return of List View Previews, a popular feature that allows users to select and display font previews as they scroll through their sorted lists. Designers can explore multiple fonts at a time without getting bogged down by excess previews; quickly select and compare fonts; and identify the best fonts to make their design vision a reality.

Jamie Phillips, Vice President of Customer Success at Extensis, notes: “We’re happy to say we’ve brought back List View Previews. Customers told us how much value this feature added to their workflows, so we listened and responded with today’s release.”

In addition to List View Previews, this latest version of Suitcase Fusion introduces Dark Mode. Mac users can now set Suitcase Fusion to Dark Mode in the Appearance Settings. Dark Mode inverts the standard display of a program, so instead of looking at a bright background with dark text, users can replace the interface with white text on a dark background. This alternate display helps to reduce ocular strain — a common problem for designers working on screens all day.

Suitcase Fusion was developed to streamline creative workflows so designers can create without interruption. The font manager supports the industry’s most popular design applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch. Designers can directly access and automatically activate fonts in these applications, eliminating the time-consuming process of tracking down and activating the correct fonts and costly delays and errors that can occur in the design process.

Suitcase Fusion also provides workflow integrations with design applications from Serif®. Suitcase Fusion facilitates document tracking with Affinity® products, including Affinity Designer®, Affinity Photo®, and Affinity Publisher®. Suitcase Fusion provides drag-and-drop support — designers simply drag and drop an Affinity file onto Suitcase Fusion to activate documents fonts and enable font tracking. After this initial step, font errors are resolved when documents are opened, and fonts can also be collected for output.

To learn more about Suitcase Fusion and activate a free 15-day trial, click here.

About Extensis

Extensis broke ground in 1993 in Portland, Ore., with the express goal of removing the barriers that impede creativity. Since it began its mission in earnest 27 years ago, Extensis has worked with hundreds of thousands of creative professionals and organizations around the globe to accelerate their workflows through powerful digital asset and font management solutions. In reflecting on its work with customers, Extensis has arrived at one simple truth: When you remove the appropriate barriers, people are freed to invent amazing. To learn more about the company, visit our website or follow Extensis on Twitter @extensis

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