9 1/4″ Color Wheel


  • Color Mixing Guides: Color Wheel (9-1/4″) Plus Creative Color Wheel (9-1/4″) with Color sectors Showing Relationships Between Colors
  • This package includes one Color Wheel and one Creative Color Wheel (9.25-inch diameter)
  • Easy-to-use color mixing guide that visually illustrates relationships between colors and demonstrates the results. Features grayscale, tints and tones, definitions of color terms, and illustrations of color
  • Each Color Wheel helps show which colors are complementary, and how they go (or don’t go) together.
  • Wheel with indicators for complementary, split complementary, and triad color schemes; how to tint and shade, primary, secondary and tertiary references, and more.

This package include two color wheels: one Color Wheel and one Creative Color Wheel. Each color wheel is a great tool for mixing colors. The color wheel defines and illustrates color harmonies so you always have the information you need to create masterpieces and choose color schemes. This package contains one Color Wheel and one Creative Color Wheel, with each wheel measuring 9-1/4 inches in diameter. Made in USA.

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