COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle


This optical brainteaser presents a unique and fun challenge that can be used to teach the basic dimensions of color: hue, value and saturation. The 64 colors on the cube are combinations of cyan, magenta and yellow. Each cube is made up of 0%, 33%, 67% or 100% of the three colors. As you arrange the 64 smaller cubes to build the large cube, your challenge is to find the one truly harmonious solution to this puzzle. Instructions, color poster and color guide included.

It's A Puzzle That Doubles As Art The COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is a high-end, precision manufactured model - featuring machine-milled parts (specific to .001"), the clean finish of high-impact color-injected polystyrene plastic cubes and glass-reinforced nylon rods. Once complete, the COLORCUBE is a 9" multi-function toy. Here are some of its many applications: 3D Puzzle - Fun to put together and quite a challenge because not many people know that color exists in three dimensions. Can you figure out the CORRECT "order of color"? Construction Toy - Sort the 176 pieces, put them in order and then carefully construct the matrix of color that will dazzle your eyes and spark your imagination. This ain't the typical jigsaw; there's WAY more motor skill, finger dexterity and intellect involved! Design/Decor Piece - Looks great anywhere, goes with every background. A simple, colorful model; a hanging mobile; a conversation piece to UNITE the artist and scientist in each of us. Teaching Tool - The 21st Century's "color wheel". Used in EDUCATION for learning the advanced principles of color that govern the human eye, television, computers, digital printing and much more. Each kit contains: 128 Colored pieces (2 pieces per cube) 48 Connecting Rods Instructional Poster

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