Catalyst Analytic Technologies Takes Flight

Catalyst Analytic Technologies has launched as a woman owned and operated consulting and services organization (DBE/SBE) specializing in the development of new technology solutions, including enterprise aerial and terrestrial sensor integration and data collection, processing, management and visualization.

Catalyst Analytic Technologies has launched as a woman owned and operated consulting and services organization (DBE/SBE) specializing in the development of new technology solutions, including enterprise aerial and terrestrial sensor integration and data collection, processing, management and visualization. Catalyst also offers public and private organizations IT system and OTS product reconfiguration, modernization and analytic design to maximize data, creating unmatched user experience and efficiency. Additionally, premier consulting services by the Catalyst team aid technology companies seeking first time or expanded entry into U.S. markets.

“We serve a broad range of clients including transportation, power and utility organizations, as well as private entities searching for in-house technology solutions for inspection, survey and data maximization. Our mission is to provide greater business intelligence and accelerated decision making capabilities via efficient data collection, management and collaboration. Catalyst AT has already earned a well-deserved reputation for its ability to meet and scale client needs.”
Shay Roehm, Owner and Solution Design Director.

Owner and Solution Design Director, Shay Roehm, brings a diverse background that includes legal education and expertise, and over 20 years of experience in technology, product management, project management and risk assessment. Ms. Roehm understands that truly effective and valuable technology solutions require a deep understanding of a client’s hardware, software and data needs, as well as creativity in approach and customization to fully achieve each client’s goals.

Ms. Roehm believes that, “Consulting services are an integral element in the development of a technology solution. Establishing clear protocols and procedures for solution design, implementation and operation will improve safety, reduce liability, and increase organization efficiency. Catalyst offers consulting services as a stand-alone service in order to provide sound guidance regarding sensor integration services, IT system development, and data management services.”

When asked what the driving force was behind creating Catalyst AT, Ms. Roehm stated that, “I have consulted with far too many clients who have been disappointed with the technology products and services provided to them, due to the failure to understand the needs and goals of the organization. This invariably leads to the acquisition of data that does not meet the needs of the business or provide data that useful for a substantial number of team members. My goal is to develop and implement technology design that produces success-focused, actionable data for use organization wide.”

Aerial Data Services
Catalyst AT provides turn-key services that include aerial data collection via manned and unmanned (drone) solutions for inspection, surveillance, and survey.
Dramatically extend human operations by enabling remote sensing, actuation and predictive capabilities, UAVs and manned aircraft services offer significant disruptive opportunities for many industries, promoting cost and time efficiencies and mitigating risks. Advanced photogrammetry, infrared, LiDAR, OGI and multi-spectral sensor integration provide a wide range of premier data collection options.

Data Management Services
Many organizations invest in data collection, but few unlock the full value and potential of data driven insights. Taking a reactive approach to data management may leave your organization with lost assets, and worse, liability for leaked or stolen information. If your organization has invested or has plans to invest in aerial or terrestrial data collection, consider that effective data management and visualization tools will provide you with more than just photos and files; your team will have access to actionable, collaborative intelligence.

The value proposition provided by the Catalyst data management team is twofold; data is organized in a secure location, with protocols created for safe data handling and maximized efficiency, while visual data is processed and uploaded into an agile, collaborative technology platform where applications, which include annotations, measurements exportable reports and AI integrations, will transform your data into dynamic project tools.

The Catalyst team has provided data management and visualization services for enterprise clients and large public agencies that include LA Metro, Caltrans, The City of Los Angeles, Metrolink, Hulu, Burbank Airport and WSP, among many other organizations.

Technology and Systems Design Services
Clients are keenly aware when a mobile app, user interface or system integration requires modification or modernization. The tricky piece is locating an effective contractor to complete these tasks. The team at Catalyst will analyze your current technology solutions, future technology goals and respond with specific recommendations.

Services include:

  •     Widget and API Design, Modification and Modernization
  •     IT Integration and Implementation
  •     Digital Signage Programming
  •     Large Format Graphic Design

To learn more about Catalyst AT and to schedule a free initial consultation, visit them at or call (844) 864-6228.

About Catalyst Analytics Technologies
The team at Catalyst AT is focused on creating new technology solutions that provide advanced functionality and promote improved lifestyle and safety. Our clients include public and private organizations, and delivering product and service development for transportation, training, social platforms, hospitality and public works.

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