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NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — For more than a half century, photographers have trusted Duggal Visual Solutions for developing and printing of their finest work. And through those decades, two generations of the Duggal family and their team of printing experts developed a deep respect for those photographers. They worked with both commercial photographers who needed the perfectly prepared image for a fashion-magazine cover or glossy full-page ad and fine art photographers who counted on them to prepare exhibition-ready quality prints.

Seeing the Promise in Undiscovered Photographers

They also saw the work of hundreds and hundreds of gifted photographers whose work was worthy of exposure. The convergence of Duggal’s leadership in high-end digital printing, e-commerce and social media presented the opportunity to create something entirely new: an online gallery catering to the artists. The brainchild of Duggal Vision Solutions CEO Michael Duggal, Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce Heather Griffin and Vice President of Business Development Marc Lovci, “Your Art Gallery” (YAG) launched in May of 2015.

Other online galleries have come onto the scene, but it’s Your Art Gallery’s emphasis on the photographers that provides an unmatched experience for clients and artists. “We talk to our artists regularly. They can have a conversation, and it’s with me,” said Digital Strategist and Corporate Interior Design Specialist Danielle Albertz. “I am passionate about their work.”

Providing an Easy and Affordable Resource for Art Buyers with Online Access to Thousands of Artists From Over a Hundred Countries

In doing so, the digital gallery filled another need as an easy and affordable way for art buyers to acquire unique, high-quality, fine art photography. With a searchable, online catalog displaying the work of thousands of artists, Your Art Gallery provides a turn-key solution for art clients. In fact, the Huffington Post described Your Art Gallery as “a prime example of technology transforming lives and creating opportunities.”

“It was Michael, Heather and Marc’s vision, combined with the innovation and technology we have at Duggal that enables us to provide high quality artwork affordably,” said Albertz.

Offering a Curation and Packaging Service for High-Volume Art Buyers

And now, YourArtGallery has introduced YAG Curate, a personalized visual consulting, curating and packaging service, which takes some of the guesswork out of selecting art for corporate art buyers and interior designers or really anyone purchasing a large quantity of artwork.

Your Art Gallery’s extensive collection helps corporate buyers and designers create distinctive looks. “Most galleries feature only a few artists,” said Albertz. “We have artists from more than 100 countries, including developing economies. There is a story behind each photograph on the website, and that’s really cool. You also can’t get our kinds of prices through a conventional gallery.”

But, at the same time, these buyers can become overwhelmed with such a large collection. Still, they want to purchase from Your Art Gallery because they appreciate the extensive options and world-renowned Duggal’s print quality. Because Duggal Visual Solutions is recognized by photographers, graphic designers and visual artists for being a first adopter of the highest resolution printing technologies available. “The partnership with Duggal Vision Solutions provides Your Art Gallery with printing quality that isn’t available anywhere else,” said Albertz.

That’s where YAG Curate can help.

The Evolution of an Amazing Brand

It’s the continuation of a reputation for quality that goes back to the company’s origins in the era of film, photo papers and developing chemicals. But while names such as Kodacolor® have faded away, Duggal remained relevant by continuously adapting. That included, which enables photographers to access Duggal’s legendary print-making capabilities through a drag-and-drop interface.

Personal Attention to Buyers and Artists

With state-of-the-art printing and an e-commerce infrastructure in place, Duggal Visual Solutions had the technology in place to support Your Art Gallery. However, Albertz underscores that the personal touch remains just as important as the technology. “We have print technicians who know how to look at photography and get the best possible print out of an image,” she said.

The personal touch doesn’t stop there. Your Art Gallery’s new consultation service – YAG Curate – recognizes that some clients “need a hand,” said Albertz. “Some people simply want to buy beautiful photography; some clients have a specific image in mind. Still others need a selection of pieces to finish an interior space. That’s why we created YAG Curate.”

YAG Curate offers specialized curation for hospitality, cruise, real estate, corporate and hospitality clients. And designers or clients who want to select their own art can do everything online – including size and framing. They’re also assured of Duggal’s legendary print quality.

Make it Easy for Everyone

YAG artists set their own prices, and 90% of the sales (not including printing) goes to the artist. “It’s really revolutionary,” said Albertz. “Corporate clients are getting high-quality art, and most of the money is going to the artist. It’s a way to boost sales and exposure for the artist, and to provide unique photography to our clients. And because all the details and costs are outlined on the website, it’s easy for everyone involved.”

Your Art Gallery is an easy-to-use online gallery for artists to share, buy, and sell Fine Art. We believe in the visual medium of digital imagery and photographic art, and the opportunity for every individual to participate in the art gallery experience. Through, this experience is realized in a unique way.


SOURCE Your Art Gallery

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