Kinetic Light Fixtures Inspire Residential, Hotel, and Commercial Luxury Interior Designers

Furl’s innovative moving kinetic light fixtures make a big impact in any space as home, hotel, and commercial interior designers seek higher quality lighting options coming from new innovative lighting technology designers.

BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Furl lights are more than just innovative and unique moving wall light fixtures; they’re functional works of art that physically change shape. Discerning consumers and leading luxury interior designers alike thirst for innovative lighting technology that can merge aspects of kinetic sculpture and compact interior wall sconce lighting with custom hue selection technology. Meeting that need and making its debut at LightShow West in September, 2019, are the innovative luxury lighting designs of Furl lights.

In the current residential lighting market, there are few, if any, interior lighting designs that incorporate movement when a light is turned on. Furl has essentially created a brand new segment in the lighting industry. While high end interior design now commonly incorporates color selectable LED lighting across a range of bulb and strip styles for ambient customizable mood lighting, Furl lights are a unique addition to the market in the incorporation of movement akin to kinetic sculpture in luxury lighting options for interior spaces.

The Rive series from Furl is a collection of modern and unique lighting wall sconces designed with three separate parts that form the design. Beautiful as they are in their closed OFF position, a simple flick of a switch changes each of the design’s shape by moving two outer pieces outward into the open ON position.

As the two outer halves move away from the center, ambient 2700K white light fades on and casts behind the sconce, highlighting the shape of the design providing beautiful lighting for the space it’s placed in. In addition, a user selectable RGB center light provides a hue of color to enhance its visual appeal while accenting the light’s center piece and environment. Other white light temperatures available by special order.

When the light is turned OFF, the two outer halves return to the center while the white ambient light fades OFF and the colored light remains ON for a few seconds longer creating a unique glowing edge effect on the center shape. Furl calls this stunning aesthetic feature of their fixtures “furl glow”.

The “Rive series” starting with the Apex, Drift, Rise, and Spire models are more than just modern wall lighting fixtures, they’re truly unique pieces of luxury lighting and functional wall art. These moving indoor sconces are poised to enhance any living environment and will surely capture attention across a variety of fine interior design environments.

Significant interest in light fixtures that incorporate artistic movement along with customizable color selection and compact aesthetic design is coming from various major cities in Asia, as well as European markets where smaller living spaces focus on the quality of lighting and quality of living. Tight urban spaces push interior designers to find ways of making art and design fit in often cramped quarters. Furl’s light fixtures are at once lighting and art in one piece and poised to perfectly meet this need across a range of residential and commercial designs.

The “Rise” wall sconce is a modern abstract representation of the sun rising and setting. Its two arches move outward when turned on revealing a user-selectable splash of color accenting the shape of the centerpiece and creating a glowing edge effect. Additional white ambient light spills out of the back of the fixture highlighting the shape of the design while utilizing the wall it’s on to reflect light out into the surrounding environment. The “Rise” fixture can be mounted vertically or horizontally according to the needs of the design and space. Available in three finishes, designers looking at the new LED fixtures at the upcoming LightShow West convention will be transfixed.

The “Drift” wall sconce, in contrast to the “Rise” design, takes its shape from the natural flow of water creating a sweeping effect similar to a natural stream cutting its way through a landscape. When turned ON, the outer edges of the moving sconce fixture give way and move outward to reveal a user-selectable splash of color, while white ambient light spills out from behind illuminating the environment it’s placed in. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is also available in three finishes.

Each of Furl’s lighting designs open when turned ON and close when turned OFF over unique durations according to model. Each light begins by slowly opening while at the same time the main white lights and RGB color lights increase in intensity from 0 to 100% over the transition period. Then, when the light is turned OFF everything happens in reverse. Once the light is fully closed, you’ll be mesmerized by the furl glow. This furl glow is a low intensity RGB colored light output that stays on after the Furl light has closed for a varying length of time, according to the unique light model.

All Furl lights mount easily to a standard wall junction box, and are intended for indoor use only. For the Rive series, each Furl light is connected to standard interior electrical wiring where 100 to 240VAC is supplied from a wall switch. Within each Furl light there is a UL Approved (SELV Class II) power supply that supplies 12VDC at 12 Watts of power to each light.

Furl lights offer an exciting new way to experience light and transform spaces for homeowners, hotels, and commercial businesses. Moving wall sconce lights have a wide range of interior design needs to fill, and Furl’s LED wall lamps are poised to reinvigorate the lighting design industry starting at LightShow West and growing in industry impact across future shows.

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