The Living Urn® Receives the Exclusive U.S. License for the Patented Ice Urn

Biolife, the creator of The Living Urn® and Element Urns, receives the exclusive license from Memoria to produce and market the patented Flow™ ice urn throughout the U.S.

Biolife, LLC, the developer of The Living Urn® and its leading eco-friendly Element Bio Urn® line, is excited to announce that it has obtained the exclusive license from Memoria, a progressive funeral home group based in Montreal, to produce and market its patented Flow™ ice urn in the United States. This unique urn is made entirely from ice and floats while gradually melting and dispersing cremated remains gracefully into the water. Flow™ was designed by Diane Leclair-Bisson for the Memoria Collection and received the Gold Award for Design Society and Silver Award for Eco-Sustainable Design at the European Product Design Awards. It was also granted the Consumer Product Award at the Core77 Notable Design Awards.

Mark Brewer, Biolife’s President commented, “We’re extremely excited to partner with Memoria to provide the Flow™ ice urn to families throughout the United States. Flow™ is visually stunning with a truly breathtaking presentation and returns the ashes of a loved one back to nature in the most ecologically pure way. We believe this unique and beautiful option will change the conversation in the funeral industry and quickly become a leading memorial for families interested in a water burial or scattering ashes in water.”

Brewer continues, “Our goal is to develop and offer unique cremation urns that help families create memorable and meaningful memorial experiences. We started with The Living Urn®, which has quickly become the leading biodegradable urn and planting system that allows families to plant a memory tree with ashes. We then introduced proprietary eco-friendly BioUrns® including burial urns, scattering urns for both land and water, as well as indoor planter urns. The Flow™ ice urn is a perfect complement to our existing urn line and makes it easy for families to have beautiful ceremonies where the ashes of a loved one can be scattered in the water.”

Julia Duchastel, Vice President of Memoria commented, “We spent years developing and perfecting this proprietary ice urn and are excited to work with Biolife to launch this innovative urn in the United States. It is a proven and patented product that we’ve tested and offered at our funeral home locations in Montreal. With Biolife’s success in developing, producing, and marketing other unique eco-friendly memorial products, including The Living Urn®, we believe they are a great partner for us and the right group to introduce the Flow™ ice urn successfully in the U.S.”

Duchastel continues, “Many people form a strong connection with the ocean, lakes, or rivers throughout their lives. Water is a truly extraordinary molecule – it is what makes life on earth possible. Throughout history and across cultures, it has persisted as a symbol of life, renewal, and purity. With this connection to water, many people choose to have their ashes freed in the water after they pass. With the Flow™ ice urn families have a new and improved water burial option to honor a loved one and say goodbye in a more beautiful, meaningful, and memorable way.”

About Biolife, LLC

Biolife, LLC, based in Colorado, is committed to developing and marketing unique market leading cremation urns catering to families looking for eco-friendly and meaningful afterlife options to honor a loved one. Its growing product offering is designed to help families have special memorial experiences and includes the popular The Living Urn®, a patented BioUrn® and planting system designed to grow a tree with cremated remains, The Living Urn® Indoors, Eco Scattering, a proprietary bamboo scattering urn, Eco Burial, a unique bamboo burial urn or traditional decorative urn, Eco Water, a patent pending urn that gives families the ability to scatter ashes in water, and now Flow™ an urn made entirely from ice that floats and gracefully disperses ashes in water. The company is developing additional eco-friendly cremation urns that it will launch in 2020.

About Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA

Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA is a fourth-generation family business based in Montreal now run by Jocelyne Dallaire Légaré the granddaughter of Alfred and Aline Dallaire who founded the company in 1933. Today, Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA is a resolutely forward-looking business leveraging long-standing tradition to reinvent itself. This means respecting everyone’s customs, traditions, and fundamental beliefs. It also means offering ecological funeral ceremonies that honor the memory of the deceased while supporting environmentally sustainable practices. In this spirit, Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA has designed a variety of new, environmentally friendly services and products, including the Flow™ ice urn.

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