SOPHOLA Inc Officially Launched the Japan Market Entry Support Service for Global Brands in Japan - It Drove +193.7% YoY Sales Increase for a Canadian e-Shop

SOPHOLA Inc, the Japanese company which provides consulting / outsourcing service with state-of-the-art marketing technology, today announced the launch of a new service called Japan Market Entry (JME) which supports global brands of any sizes entering a Japanese market.

SOPHOLA Inc, the Japanese company which provides consulting / outsourcing service with state-of-the-art marketing technology, today announced the launch of a new service called Japan Market Entry (JME) which supports global brands of any sizes entering a Japanese market.

This is the service which provides global brands with comprehensive assistance for entering the Japanese E-commerce market by making Japanese websites, launching stores in Japanese local E-commerce marketplaces such as Rakuten/Amazon Japan, and running marketing campaigns such as Google Ads/Yahoo Promotional Ads/Facebook Ads.

This service has been already introduced by Generate Design Japan, the Canadian company which handles home goods, furniture, accessories, and art products from all over the world. With the support to conduct PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, the sales were boosted up by YoY +193.7% /Month-over-Month (MoM) +138.1% and the sales from the ads was increased MoM +177.2%.

This is the crystal-clear business case showing the improvement by providing the client who had been struggling with faltering sales although they were previously running PPC ads with another company with following actions.

  • Developing the structure of ads accounts on the assumption of the use of AdScale Enterprise
  • Manual adjustment for the right advertisement distribution
  • Optimizing PPC ads campaigns automatically by using AdScale Enterprise

To be more specific, we implemented the following actions.

  • To start sales tracking and retargeting campaign by reconsidering the account tag setting
  • To reconsider the best KPI and change the KPI from CPA to ROAS so that we could start promotion/optimization based on sales
  • To expand ads distribution to GDN and Facebook Ads to maximize sales
  • To evaluate the result by sending regular reports including sales on Shopify
  • To improve promotions using Google Shopping/Facebook catalog by reconsidering products feed

If you are struggling with sales faltering through the websites by running PPC campaigns, let us check how much space to improve you have by testing your account by AdScale Enterprise.

Also, this service is introduced not only to Generate Design but also to The Friendly Swede, the Swedish brand which handle bags inspired by Swedish active lifestyle.

Ronnie Kattan, Director, Generate Design Japan says:

“Since working with SOPHOLA, we’ve seen a 193% increase in sales year on year! The reason, why Generate Design Japan entrusted SOPHOLA with ad management, is that SOPHOLA has created the load map for the improvement of account performance after doing account analysis and they keep the action with the load map and we were satisfied with the contents.

Also, we are starting to talk about another shop-brand support plan.”

Masaki Iino, Founder & CEO of SOPHOLA, Inc says:

“SOPHOLA already has a solid track record of supporting global tech companies — 22 of such firms to enter and scale in Japan’s market since the beginning. We are very excited to expanding our service portfolio to global brands at their market entry/expansion here in Japan, and we have helped several companies from other markets such as The Friendly Swede, Knut Gadd, Ava Trade, and Generate Design.

Our unique expertise combining the market knowledge with the state-of-art global tech enables us to set up the global businesses, build the brand awareness, and open up the crucial sales channels, and optimize your e-commerce businesses in this difficult market as if it was in an English-speaking market.”

*AdScale Enterprise:

The AdScale Enterprise utilizes Dynamic Budgeting AI and Algorithmic Bid Optimization to dynamically allocate budgets and ensure ads will always be shown in the right place at the right time across multiple paid media platforms, including Google, Yahoo! Japan, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

About Generate Design Japan
Generate Design is for people who see the subtle genius in great product design in Japan. Founded in February 2007, Generate Design Japan mission is introducing the world’s designs to Japanese customers and introducing Japanese designs to the world. The mission is to create products that customers around the world say they have never seen before.

Company Name: Generate Design Japan
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Ronnie Kattan, Director

SOPHOLA is a digital marketing consulting & outsourcing firm bringing state-of-the-art marketing technology from global firms to clients in Japan and APAC. Founded in April 2018, SOPHOLA’s mission is to find an effective business model to address critical social issues facing Japanese society as a whole and the countryside in particular.

Company Name: SOPHOLA, Inc
Location: Nagano, Japan
Representative: Masaki Iino, CEO

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