TakeLessons Reports Singing is the Most Popular Class to Take in 2019, Online community for lifelong learning shares top 10 lists

TakeLessons understands well what Americans are taking outside the classroom. As the year comes to a close, TakeLessons is sharing its insight into the top classes taken by students over the course of 2019.

TakeLessons, the leading online community for lifelong learning, teaches students by linking teachers with students in more than 4,000 cities, serving over 20 million students a year. It offers hundreds of classes ranging from music and language to academic tutoring, dancing and so much more. With its vast base, TakeLessons understands well what Americans are taking outside the classroom. As the year comes to a close, TakeLessons is sharing its insight into the top classes taken by students over the course of 2019.

“In 2019, we saw Americans spending more time bettering themselves through continuous lifelong learning. There was growth in the arts such as music and photography. In fact, our top requested lesson for all of 2019 was singing, thanks in part to hit TV voice competitions,” said Steven Cox, CEO of TakeLessons. “We also saw growth in language learning as well as increased interest in Americans seeking to advance their skills for their career. Most of the career subjects people requested focused on learning particular software programs such as Photoshop, Excel, and WordPress.”

Overall Top 10 Classes
1.    Singing
2.    Piano
3.    Guitar
4.    American Sign Language
5.    Acting
6.    Violin
7.    Sewing
8.    Spanish
9.    Korean
10. Japanese

Top 10 Music Classes
1.    Singing
2.    Piano
3.    Guitar
4.    Violin
5.    Cello
6.    Saxophone
7.    Ukulele
8.    Bass Guitar
9.    Trumpet
10. Flute

Top 10 Language Classes
1.    American Sign Language
2.    Spanish
3.    Korean
4.    Japanese
5.    French
6.    Italian
7.    English
8.    Accent Reduction
9.    Mandarin Chinese
10. Arabic

Top 10 Career Oriented Classes
1.    Accent Reduction
2.    Adobe Photoshop
3.    Microsoft Excel
4.    Animation
5.    WordPress
6.    AutoCAD
7.    Microsoft Office
8.    Adobe Illustrator
9.    Graphic Design
10. Python

Top 10 Hobby Classes
1.    Sewing
2.    Hip Hop Dance
3.    Photography
4.    Makeup
5.    Cooking
6.    Chess
7.    Painting
8.    Ballet
9.    Billiards
10. Calligraphy

Top 10 Tutoring Classes
1.    Calculus
2.    ESL
3.    Writing
4.    MCAT
5.    Algebra
6.    ACT
7.    SAT
8.    Statistics
9.    GMAT
10. Chemistry

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Subjects
1.    Korean
2.    Drawing
3.    DJ
4.    Magic
5.    Chess
6.    Songwriting
7.    Makeup Help
8.    Crocheting
9.    Mediation
10. Knitting

TakeLessons.com is THE online go-to tutoring website. It makes it easier to learn by connecting students to a human teacher (in-person or online) in a quick and easy way. The interactive marketplace connects students of all ages with professional, independent teachers who teach lessons (even online is conducted live) in hundreds of subjects. Lessons can be arranged to be taken in their home, at a teacher’s location or online. To learn more about taking a class or teaching one, visit https://takelessons.com.

About TakeLessons
TakeLessons is the trusted online marketplace for finding qualified and vetted instructors. At TakeLessons, students can follow their dreams and fuel lifelong learning by connecting with the perfect instructor in areas ranging from guitar lessons, music, dance, sewing, photography, and acting to learning a foreign language like Spanish, Japanese, and German. Instructors rely on TakeLessons to grow their business with integrated marketing, billing, payment, and communication tools that work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. Students can learn more at https://takelessons.com, and teachers can sign up at https://takelessons.com/teachers.

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