The Top Creative Marketing Companies Of 2020 (So Far), According to

61% of marketers say that visuals are integral to successful marketing. determined the best marketing companies of 2020 whose design and messaging in marketing campaigns are engaging and persuasive to consumers.

61% of marketers say that visuals are integral to successful marketing., an online resource for designers and marketers, identified the top marketing agencies with unique design capabilities that were behind some of the most creative marketing campaigns of 2020.

The best creative marketing companies of 2020 are:

1. 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Creative Services, Web Design and more

2. Routes 4 Media –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Digital PR, Advertising and more

3. Wirefox Digital Agency Birmingham –
Expertise: Branding, Advertising, Social Media Marketing and more

4. Midas PR Group –
Expertise: Public Relations, Graphic Design, Branding and more

5. Web Sharx –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Advertising and more

6. ADNewswire –
Expertise: Public Relations, Advertising, Creative Services and more

7. Behavioral Health Network Resources –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing and more

8. EloQ Communications –
Expertise: Public Relations, Marketing, Branding and more

9. ENCE Marketing Group –
Expertise: Creative Services, Digital Marketing, Branding and more

10. Finest Content Writing –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Web Development, Social Media Marketing and more

11. Foundry512 –
Expertise: Branding, Creative Services, Advertising and more

12. Matrix PR –
Expertise: Branding, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more

13. Osmond Marketing –
Expertise: Public Relations, Creative Services, Integrated Marketing and more

14. Rioks –
Expertise: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and more

15. Socialistics –
Expertise: Branding, Advertising, Digital Marketing and more

16. Strategic and Creative Marketing Inc. –
Expertise: Branding, Public Relations, Advertising and more

17. Wallaroo Media –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Creative Services and more

18. WDI Webmaster –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Web Development, Social Media Marketing and more

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