Ushio America Introduces the Theia™ Series, an Illuminator and Video Processor System for Microendoscopy Applications

Ushio America Introduces The Theia Microendoscopy System That Produces High-Resolution Video Output For Hard To Reach Places. The Theia Series Is An Illuminator And Video Processor System With Endoscopes As Small As Ø1.1mm.

Ushio America, Inc. proudly introduces the Theia™ series, a combined illuminator and video processor system for research and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in microendoscopy applications. Available in a 40k-pixel and 160k-pixel resolution model, the system includes crisp and vibrant color images in the hardest to reach locations by matching some of the highest resolution CMOS cameras with the smallest videoscope sizes available. The video processor is capable of handling massive image and digital signal processing applications using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

The Theia 40 model has an active image sensor of 200µm x 200µm producing 40k-pixel resolution with a 3-50mm depth of focus and it is deal for 1.1mm outside diameter (OD) flexible endoscope and 2-6mm steerable endoscope applications. The Theia 40 automatically adjusts the LED output to maintain a properly illuminated image. The Theia 160 model has an active image sensor of 400µm x 400µm producing 160k-pixel resolution with a 5-50mm depth of focus. The Theia 160 video processor has auto-gain and auto-exposure, and it is ideal for flexible endoscopes 1.7mm OD or larger and 3-6mm steerable endoscope applications.

Both standard models have video output of 30 frames per second (fps), and the standard 6500Kcolor temperature LED delivers uniform white light with up to four fibers surrounding a videoscope with 120º field of view (FOV). Additional product customizations are available including a wide array of endoscope diameters, rigid or flexible scopes, and a range of endoscope lengths.

For more information on the Theia series, visit or call +1.802.877.2182.

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