Online Black Business Directory Helps Black-Owned Businesses During COVID Pandemic

Black Business Search – Online black business directory helps black business owners during COVID pandemic with advertising for struggling small businesses.

Black Business Search, an online black business directory, has cut its pricing to attract more small black businesses struggling with the COVID crises. As the COVID pandemic causes more businesses to struggle with little or no revenue, black business owners are scrambling to lower their operating costs while maintaining an online presence. Black Business Search has reduced its black business directory rates to start at less than $10 a month, which many black entrepreneurs are welcoming in these tough times.

Most brick and mortar business locations have been forced to close down as government officials clumsily fumble around with re-opening strategies and new operating requirements at local and national levels. These closures have put a major dent in business revenue for all business, but a few are among the lucky.

Andre Brown of Dre’s Pizza in California says he considers himself lucky because his 2020 revenue has been 9% above his same period revenue for 2019. “I don’t know what I would have done if my orders tanked like so many other businesses,” says Brown. “I have some cash on hand, but not enough to endure three months without any business.”

In normal times it’s not unusual for many black business owners to spend thousands of dollars each month to keep their businesses in front of potential new customers online and offline. Unfortunately the first half of 2020 was anything but normal. Many African-American small business owners have the same question – “How can I continue to advertise, but at a much lower cost that is in line with the huge drop in revenue?” This was the catalyst for the price reduction implemented by Black Business Search last month. Affordable advertising in a list of black businesses is an increasingly appealing option.

The online black business directory says their new, lower pricing is already attracting new black business owners, as many of them are seeking out new sources of affordable advertising. “We’re happy to offer an alternative to expensive online advertising,” says Black Business Search. Only time will tell what the rest of the year has in store for black businesses across the United States, but with a second wave of the COVID pandemic reportedly on the horizon, it could be a very bumpy ride.

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