Self-Heating Food Packaging in Development by Tempra Technology and MRE STAR

The companies are working together to provide the military with a safer and more user-friendly self-heating technology for warming portable meals.

Tempra Technology, the developers of proprietary, patented self-heating and self-chilling technology, announced that it has entered into a license agreement with MRE-STAR. MRE STAR is a manufacturer and assembler of MRE (Meals-Ready to Eat) meal kits for the U.S. military as well as government agencies, non-government customers and other militaries around the world. Tempra and MRE STAR are working together to provide the military with a safer, faster and more user-friendly self-heating technology for warming portable meals. Tempra’s technology will heat the MRE to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 to 12 minutes and keep the meal warm for almost 30 minutes. The new technology is lightweight, safe and completely self-contained. One of the key issues with the old-style ration heater is that it off-gases pure hydrogen (a highly flammable gas) during operation. Due to this issue, more and more agencies will not order meals with the current heater because of inherent safety issues. The existing heater cannot be used in confined spaces such as tents, tanks, submarines, airplanes, personnel carriers or any other closed in areas. Additionally, the current heater requires that the soldier must add water to activate the heating process. This can present issues as the soldier must then remain immobile for approximately 15 minutes while the meal heats, in order to prevent the added water and chemical solution from spilling.

Tempra’s innovative heater is very different, as it does not require any water to activate. Because it is a completely sealed and self-contained technology, it allows complete mobility while the meal is heating. Since it does not off-gas anything, it can safely be used in confined spaces such as tents, tanks, submarines, personnel carriers, airplanes or any other closed in areas. The Chairman and CEO of Tempra Technology, Barney J. Guarino, believes this new heater will be a game-changer, as soldiers can still be on the move while heating his or her meal. The past technology for heating required the soldier to take several preparatory steps, including measuring and adding water and keeping the unit stationary during the heating process. The new Tempra heating technology is completely self-contained and does not release any gases or require adding any water. This new self-heating technology activates with a simple squeeze. The Tempra heater is wrapped around the packaged meal and can easily be carried in a jacket pocket while the meal heats. Tempra is also applying their technology to heat consumer hand-held foods and is working on several new commercial applications for its self-heating technology, including warming self-contained soups, stews, coffee, hot cocoa and shelf-stable breakfast meals.

“We have a portable, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to heat food and beverages on-the-go. This technology will take convenience meals and snack foods to places microwaves and stoves cannot go – we are creating an entirely new category in packaging,” says Barney J. Guarino CEO of Tempra Technology.

About Tempra Technology, Inc: Tempra Technology, Inc. is a research and development applications company based in Bradenton, Florida, which has developed and patented both self-cooling and self-heating technologies. Tempra Technology is a leader in the development of instant, self-heating and self-chilling product technology. Founded in 1992, Tempra has developed innovative products for food & beverage, medical, therapy, sports medicine, equestrian and consumer product markets. Tempra was the first company to develop a completely functional, 100% safe, environmentally friendly self-chilling beverage can. Additionally, Tempra has developed self-heating technologies for hand-held foods such as soups, beverages, pasta dishes and sauces. Tempra also offers instant self-heating and self-chilling gel packs and a variety of thermal wraps. All of Tempra’s products are designed to provide instant, portable, safe, long-lasting thermal technology anytime, anywhere.


MRE STAR brings more than 30 years of experience in the food industry. Their staff and advisors are highly recognized in the “retort” area of food production and the food engineering process, which provides the extended shelf life to the MRE meal products. MRE STAR has a modern, automated manufacturing facility with 24/7 production capabilities. All of their MRE meals or military style rations are manufactured in the United States of America by facilities, which are USDA/FSIS/FDA, approved and Halal and Kosher certified. MRE STAR follows all HACCP regulations with the manufacturing of our MRE meals to assure quality control and to meet the highest standards in the food industry. The MRE STAR brand is a senior, recognized and trusted supplier of MRE meals to many international, national and local governmental agencies as well as private organizations, charitable organizations and individuals around the world. MRE STAR brand MRE meals are in use today across the globe, feeding armies, emergency personnel, gas and oil workers, refugees, outdoor enthusiasts, and many more.

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