The 5 Best Print Designs of 2020

Graphic design paired with text can increase message retention from 10% to 65%. identified the best print designs that successfully combined their message with visuals.

According to research, when a message is combined with a visual graphic, people can remember 65% of what they saw three days later as opposed to 10% for text only., an online resource for designers and marketers, identified the best print designs that capture the audience’s eyes.

These are the top five print designs:

1. Brass Union Restaurant

Brass Union Restaurant uses legal themes in its print designs and overall brand aesthetic. From its business cards to menus and coasters, the theme of power, authority and justice prevails to beef up its brand identity.

2. Hong Kong Ballet

Hong Kong Ballet’s print campaigns convey the brand’s roots in an elaborate display of excellence and class. Their revolutionary, stunning photography of ballet dancers bodies draws attention and imprints in viewers’ minds.

3. MD Aesthetica

MD Aesthetica’s brand identity is inspired by human epidermis cells. The company utilized the power of the human body to develop eye-catching print designs and bring this brand back to life.

4. Spotify

Spotify promoted its platform using compelling billboard ads. The print design incorporated bright, colorful backgrounds, bold text and a screenshot of the platform showing particular song titles. These prints provide the audience with a feeling of happiness and liveliness.

5. Common Lot

Common Lot used modern and sophisticated textured pieces of paper and cardstock to give its brand a natural feel. They encompass outdoor themes, subtle illustrations and playful typography to highlight their menus, brochures and napkins.

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