Interview with Adobe: Unlock Your Creativity with Adobe Design to Print

Author: Shoshana Burgett, Pink Elephant Productions

Adobe’s New Update to Design to Print Creates Business Opportunities for Every Designer


Join us as Adobe’s Mike Scrutton updates us on version 1.2 of Adobe’s Design to Print Photoshop plug-in. This extension provides designers and creatives with the unique opportunity to create a variety of products, ranging from cards, mugs, socks, tote bags, and more. Creative Photoshop users are able to see their designs on the products prior to making them. When the design is ready, a simple click pushed their final work from Photoshop to, where the general public can purchase the design, and customize those new products. Artists, designers, craft enthusiasts, and startups can explore, text markets, create and sell their designs.


Part I– Adobe’s Textile Designer here.

Part II– Adobe’s Design to Print Photoshop Plug-in here.


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