Material Virtualization with PVH

Author: Shoshana Burgett, Pink Elephant Productions

Ryan Stanley, Global Colorist, Materials, and Color Innovation PVH’s success Creating Reliable Virtual Materials that Bring Products to Market Faster.

When we last spoke with Ryan Stanley from PVH, we discussed the advantages of digitizing a brand’s color palette. In this episode, we discuss the value of virtualized materials and how these digital replicas perform and compare to their real-life physical counterparts. PVH has begun taking its brands on this digitization journey. Hear how PVH’s supply chain establishes a high level of proficiency with achieving specific color requests. Now apparel designers teams are partnering with their material counterparts to design and deliver clothing without physical swatches, providing products in weeks not months, using digitized materials that are as realistic as their physical samples. 

Part I- Digitizing a brand’s color palette here.

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