Zelgor Games Appoints Former WB Games Designer, Giuliana Funkhouser, As New Creative Director

Multimedia Artist and Designer Giuliana Funkhouser joins Zelgor Games, bringing her experience on games such as Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings.

Zelgor Inc. is proud to announce Giuliana Funkhouser has accepted the position of Creative Director. As Zelgor Games’ growing team prepares for the launch of its inaugural game, Noobs in Space, Ms. Funkhouser will facilitate collaboration across all elements of game development and the execution of a shared vision. Ms. Funkhouser comes with sixteen years of experience as a multimedia artist and designer and an ability to bring ideas to life across a broad range of mediums. Her strong technical skills are complemented by a passion for gaming, art and bringing diverse groups of skilled teams together.

Ms. Funkhouser spent six years as a Visual and Graphic Designer for WB Games Boston where she contributed to Infinite Crisis, Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online. As a Production Artist at Arnold Worldwide/HAVAS Media, Giuliana was responsible for illustration, collage, retouching and hand-crafted models. Ms. Funkhouser has been a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has also worked as a freelance artist and designer since 2006. Ms. Funkhouser has exhibited numerous individual and collaborative mixed-media sound and sculptural installations including: “The Whispering” and “Aftermath”, both at the SFAI MFA Exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA; “Dear Esther/Moebius” for the AVATARS, ghosts group exhibition at Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA; and “delay/decay/evade/endure” at Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Giuliana also co-hosted a show titled “Data as Art Material”, a podcast showcasing San Francisco Art Institute student works for the UNTITLED art fair.

Ms. Funkhouser holds a Master of Fine Arts in Art and Technology and a Master of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art from San Francisco Art Institute. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature from Wellesley College and also studied at Japan Women’s University & Waseda University.

“Giuliana’s talent, creativity and ability to translate ideas into a shared vision is truly special. She’s going to help our team accomplish amazing things,” John Fanning, Zelgor Games CEO commented. “We are thrilled to have her on board.”

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