We live in a world where we move between a digital and physical world. We work in digital isolation, assuming what we decide on-screen will magically occur when we produce it. Colorkarma is a space for all types of creatives to explore, share, and learn to design as envisioned. Read about leading trends, real-world examples, and learn to digitally design for a physical product. Our mission is to be the leading resource for the production and creative communities focusing on design for production.
make life easier
We all run busy lives, with more on our daily to-do lists than we can complete in a twenty-four-hour period. I love helping others succeed in their vision, and I believe in passing it forward. My goal is twofold:
  • Help designers execute their designs into final products with a minimum amount of rework; and
  • Assist suppliers and manufacturers by providing a structure to engage with customers (and in return, make their customers’ lives easier).
Colorkarma® is the realization of that vision. Colorkarma focuses on design for execution by bringing together unique perspectives on design and manufacturing to ensure a smooth execution on your creative vision the first time. Our mission is to be the leading resource for the creative community providing educational content, industry news, design tips and best practice advice from industry leaders.
a little bit about me

I grew up in the New York metropolitan area and received my degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from the School of Visual Arts. It was the early days of digital publishing, and I became skilled in PhotoShop™, Aldus™, QuarkXpress™, and PostScript™.

After graduation, I joined Business Link, a start-up print service bureau specializing in digital desktop publishing and 1-hour turnaround. We were ahead of our time, trying to usher in the web and high-speed internet almost a decade before the market was ready. Like many growing start-ups, we eventually closed our doors, but the experience taught me what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and I created lasting friendships.

Over the next two decades, I worked in various roles at Fortune 100 companies. At Xerox, I launched the iGen3 and led business development and marketing efforts in eleven countries, including Romania, South Africa, India, Israel, and Egypt. I went on to manage digital front ends (DFE)s and develop product requirements and integrated software solutions for the iGen™. During this time, I became an expert on the use of variable data (now called personalization) and helped customers build and execute personalized campaigns.

In 2011, I joined X-Rite and PANTONE™ to lead the company’s global marketing efforts for a range of color management products across twelve industries including print and packaging, plastics, textiles, coatings, automotive and more. We launched the company’s groundbreaking color in the cloud initiative, PantoneLIVE™, and ColorCert, targeting the top CPG brands in the world. Over the last few years, I was responsible for X-Rite and PANTONE™’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiative and spent hundreds of hours listening, watching, and learning about our customer’s challenges. I brought customer insights into the organization to help drive product, pricing, marketing, sales, and innovation strategies. During this time, I learned that many designers and manufacturers have the same challenges they had from decades ago, yet the small variations within each industry can create a unique set of problems. However, one thing that has changed is that creating on-screen has removed us from the skills to bring them into a physical form. Universities no longer teach students how to measure fonts, make rubdown text, or mix Pantone colors.

After years in the corporate sector, I am excited to return to my entrepreneurial roots and help designers, printers, manufacturers, and suppliers improve and streamline the design to the execution process. As much as the creative community is digital,  they are often unfamiliar or reserved with learning data or technology that can help unleash their creativity. I am not here to say I know everything, far from it. I want a place all creatives can go to as a resource to help them. I believe it is passing it forward, and my hope in sharing is that we help some others avoid the mistakes we saw along the way.

Shoshana Burgett

aka colorkarma