Celebrating Leaders in Packaging Design

Author: Shoshana Burgett,

Each year the Packaging Consortium, a not-for-profit organization, holds their One of 100 Summit. This year’s event was held at the Roxy Hotel in New York City and celebrates leaders in the industry from design to technology. If you have not been to the Roxy, I highly recommend a visit to this historic building in lower Manhattan in what is called the ‘Triangle Below Canal’ or Tribeca. The Roxy theatre is intimate and is filled with art deco architecture. It was the perfect location for an evening focused on creativity and technology.

Here are the biggest trends and my personal fab favorites from this amazing event.

I-O direct to glass innovations includes a personalized bottle designed by H2H agency for Mercedes-Benz owners.

My favorite story from the night is from The Loop, a global circular shopping platform. It is the brainchild of Tom Szaky, founder of TerraCycle. It uses the ‘milkman’ business model. Customers shop for their products online, and they are delivered in durable packaging that can be sent back cleaned and re-used for future deliveries. Customer orders are sent using the Loop’s zero-waste delivery system designed to eliminate disposable, single-use shipping materials. It looks like a cooler with stainless steel refillable products inside.  However, the real story comes when Tom speaks of the consumer experience.

Consumers want to have a positive impact on the planet, but at their convenience. The Loop’s success lies in understanding human behavior and defining the barriers consumers are willing to cross in this ever convenient, fast, on demand retail world. What’s more, consumers are happy to pay for the convenience. For example, a Pantone Daily Conditioner is $5.50 on the Loop, but on Amazon, both the conditioner and the shampoo are sold for $5.92. That 54% price increase at the Loop provides the consumer a non-plastic, well designed product, door-to-door delivery and pickup of the products. The added bonus – the consumer does not need to clear or recycle the products.


The products from the Loop are the same offered in retail stores just with redesigned packaging. My favorite sample was the Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream. Tom explained that most people eat ice-cream in bed and their primary complaint is their hands get cold. The packaging is designed to not be freezing cold to the touch and the interior is rounded to allow ice scream enthusiasts to get to every last bit at the bottom. I’ve already informed Tom that the product needs a screw top bottom so that I can order my organic sprinkles to come with the ice-scream. He loved it.

What I love about the Loop is how they are reimagining packaging and delivery models to address issues of sustainability. They are borrowing from the milkman model and updating it for today’s consumers.  CPG brands understand that millennials consider sustainability in their purchasing decisions and the Loop is leading the way.


One of the last presenters at the show was Melianthe Leeman, the Global Innovation Platform Director of O-I. This century old company was founded in 1903 by Michael Joseph Ownes, who invented the first automated bottling process. Today they are innovating the way we think about direct-to-print on glass. This innovative process removes the plastic label wraps and prints directly on glass. Using glass means the bottle is recyclable and the inks simply burn off. But don’t be fooled, these are not just simple designs.  The examples shown were stunning and I could not conceive of recycling them. O-I Expressions also allows companies to personalize each bottle. Examples included short run designs from various artists to create unique, full color designs for Arty Gin. My favorite example came from Mercedes Benz. Designed by the H2H agency, this premium engine oil, placed in a glass bottle, with the handprint of a Mercedes Benz mechanic. Each bottle was personalized for the owner and placed in a box with a personalized brochure. The packaging experience screams luxury.  It must create an awe-inspiring effect on the recipients.


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Herbal Essences-revised
Herbal Essences new bottle design won the One of 100 Best in Show with its tactile imprints for those who may be blind or have low visibly.
Dainty Rice Winner of 2020 PAC for Brand Marketing. Designed by Pigeon Brands Inc.
Miss Vickies Signatures
Miss Vickie’s Signatures, winner of Best in Class for New Branding in Food & Beverage at PAC2020, One of 100 Summit.

Innovation – Proctor & Gambles, Herbal Essences new design won for its innovative way to engage with consumers who are blind or have visual impairments. This represents 3.4 million people in the United States alone. The new packaging allows individuals to easily identify the difference between shampoo and conditioner.  The intent is to improve the in-shower experience. This new design is inclusive and quite unique in market. 

Brand Marketing – Dainty Foods new rice packaging, designed by Pigeon Brands won for its  white on black packaging that has a premium look and makes it easy to identify on the shelf. Each stand-up bag has a unique pattern to highlight the rice variations. The team at Pigeon Brands used a new type of bag called, block bottom, which allows for the rice bags to stand up vertically and creates a tight seal to ensure closure. The new design reduced the volume of each packaging, thereby lowering its shipping costs a key element in moving to sustainability.


Food & Beverage:

  • Pepsico’s Miss Vickie’s Signatures’ premium black design designed by Shikatani Lacroix Design.
  • Sunset Sprinkle’s tiny tomatoes are simply cute and engaging, what mom would not grab these for their health conscious kids.


  • Designed by Wick & Mortar, Narvana’s elegant and rich packaging stands out in the Cannabis market.


Sunset Sprinkel's Tiny Tomatoes one of the Best in Class for New Brands at PAC's 2020 One of 100 Summit

Food & Beverage:


  • Canadian Tire’s Motomaster’s clear and car type identifiable design from Davis.
Dampierre Champagne with their Flying B mascot inspired bottle.
  • Keurig Holiday Pack unboxing, unwrapped and new flavor every day design, designed by Anthem Worldwide.
  • Dampierre Champagne with their Flying B mascot inspired bottle and limited-edition winged B ornament stopper.
  • Unilevers’ new Hexacle packaging for Axe/Lynx is both innovative and luxurious.
  • E-Commerce – Tide’s new Eco-Box design protects and minimizes the need for additional shipping material.

    Sustainability – Elite’s Klöckner Pentaplast innovative and and new meat packaging to better seal and reduce leakage.

    Technical Design – Coors Light Chill Pack, is where innovation meets the consumers tailgating ice challenges.

Narvana’s rich packaging stands out in the Cannabis market. Designed by Wick & Mortar
Creemore's re-branding, one of the best-of-show winners in the rebranding catagory at PAC 2020 for Food & Beverage

These are just a few of the wonderful submissions shown at the event. From colorways, photography, icons and the use of new packaging and approach to sustainable packaging, each nominee stands out in their own way.

    • Alkimi’s bespoke bottle and alchemist inspired design.
    • Bear Naked Granola’s matte design and perfect ration packaging.
    • Blanton’s Bourbon reinvents exclusivity with their premium looking La Maison du Whisky.
    • Blue Hive’s color blocked icons and design is consumer friendly and helps them incorporate new security features into the packaging.
    • Carl Buddig’s innovative approach to maintaining brand presence while reducing its shelf footprint.
    • Cold-FX’s new modern and color blocking design.
    • Compliment’s quirky imagery and clean type choices.
    • Eat These indie approach to SKU expansion, play on words with clean san serif type.
    • Eight Treasures dragon tattoo and custom lettering highlighting their cultural heritage.
    • Eos’s playful iconography system.
    • Fontaine Family’s rich purple rebranding.
    • Froot Loop’s new storytelling
    • Gaya’s Gold Coffee with its metal can and high-class look and feel.
    • GSK’s Flonase Smart In-Store Display that is attractive and educational, helping consumers assess their symptoms.
    • i+i botanicals magnetic box design.
    • Kit Kat’s specialty edition with personalized Kit-Kat bars.
    • L’Oréal Redken’s new consumer portable pouch design.
    • Loveibles colorful and storytelling design.
    • Matha Stewart’s True North Seafood with its visual shortcuts.
    • Molson’s new brand identity
    • Mutant’s use of the ChamberPouch which enables product combinations with its isolated pouches.
    • Our Finest Coffee’s premium design.
    • Pamper’s first bag-in-a-carton design.
    • Reddi Wip’s Barista design with rich and dark colors that boldly identify it on the shelf and in the fridge.
    • Schneiders’ throwback to butcher’s paper.
    • Selection Cereals’ new colorful type and overhead product shots.
    • Social Plastic’s unique way to use re-sorted plastic material and convert it back to resin.
    • Tasty’s and McCormick’s playful way to showcase ingredients.
    • The Body Shop’s commitment to the environment with packaging that is fully recyclable within established and challenging single stream recycling process.
    • The Good Stuff’s sustainable packaging, bold yet simple design to attract millennials.
    • Wayfare’s new vibrant and approachable branding.
    • Weitai 999 popular product redesigned to engage young, busy consumers with little time.
    • Wither Hills’s new customized and personalized
    • Your Fresh Market’s new color palette and billboard design help outline the SKU specific features.

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