Last-Minute Gifts For Color Lovers

Author: Shoshana Burgett,

Do you know a friend, colleague or family member who loves all things color?

If you are stumped on what to get them for the holidays, let us help. We have colorful, fun and inexpensive ideas for designers, marketers, photographers, millennials and work colleagues – just about everyone!


Each holiday season, my kids and I do a new puzzle. It’s a great way to spend quality time with family. We like 1,000-piece puzzles with an intricate pattern that will keep us up until the wee hours. The BetterCo. Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle is a colorful gradient puzzle. It moves from cyan to magenta and this 1,000-piece puzzle will keep any designer engaged for hours.

If you have history buffs on your list, try Frank Romano’s newest book, The History of Desktop Publishing. Known as the ‘godfather of print’, Frank has been involved in the printing industry for more than 40 years and has written 44 books on printing. He is a wealth of knowledge and information. In his latest book, Frank tells the story of the personal computer, software applications, and the many colorful people who changed the creative and print communities. He has documented the history of hot metal and phototypesetting and continues the tale of document production in this book. This installment ends as the Internet becomes a primary focus.

Looking to expand your charitable giving this holiday season? You can also donate to the Museum of PrintingThe Museum of Printing mission has a vast repository of information printing, typewriters, computers and scanners. It is journey through the written and published history. The Museum of Printing maintains over 4,000 sets of Linotype font drawings, all the Linotype specimen books, much ephemera, and many significant and unique historical artifacts. Frank Romano, who walks the halls, is now mounting a fundraising campaign to Preserve the Legacy of the Linotype. They are looking to purchase and maintain their Linotype devices, before they are disappeared. They have a Mergenthaler’s 1883, an operational Model 31 Linotype and the 1972 Elektron II, the last Linotype ever built.

For the risk-taker who likes to experiment with hairstyles and colors, how about Punky Shampoo. Dyeing your hair color is a long process, and bright colors simply do not take well. With this unique shampoo, your hair will turn color over time. We like the Punky Pinktabulous Shampoo. It allows you to make your hair as dark or light pink as you want. Of course, it is also available in Coolicious, PurpledaciousBlondetasticTealistic, and Bluemania.

Any die-hard PANTONE™ fans on your list? Anyone involved in branding, marketing, product design or color specification knows Pantone. Check out Pantone Notecards with 20 assorted cards and envelopes. Handwritten notes and thank you’s to friends, families, and clients are more personal and memorable.

If hour girlfriend is a color fanatic, then these RGB and CMYK earrings from Yellow Owl Workshop will be a perfect stocking stuffer. These enameled earrings have RGB on one side and CMYK on the other. These cloisonné studs petite earring measure ½” (1.3 cm) each and are gilded in 22 karat gold.


I bought Chameleon Markers when they started on Kickstarter and are much more than a normal marker.  Their markers create depth, dimension, because the colors mix inside the pen, giving you a hint of tint to mid-tones and full color eliminating tonal gaps in your design. If you want to take it even further, grab the Chameleon Color Tops, which allow you to smoothly blend from one color to the next. Forewarning, the markers are wicked addicting, once you use them.

Many millennials have gone ‘old school’ gravitating towards vinyl, mail, books, and photos. For example, my daughter loves using vintage cameras and film. But in a pinch, she likes to print her iPhone photos to a Polaroid Mint Pocket mini printer. Using Bluetooth, it allows anyone to print their Android or iPhone photos instantly. It works with ZINK Zero Ink paper.  This mini printer fits in backpacks, prints photos quickly allowing teens and young adults to share physical photos, post them on lockers or mirrors. It is available in blueyellowred and white at major retailers or online.


For the graphic designer in your family, check out The Really Useful CMYK Color Chart Poster. With 1025 unique CMYK color swatches on one poster, this gift is great for a graphic designer or design student. This color chart is an alternative to your Swatch Books and Wheels. It measures 33.1 x 23.4 inches / 841 x 594 mm can be hung on the wall for your color enthusiast to enjoy at home, in the office or dorm room.

Every photographer or videographer should have the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo and Video on them. Used by professionals and amateurs around the world, ColorChecker Passport helps to white balance images for color capture. It is a color chart (the size of a passport) with graded colors that is used with software.


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