handheld color readers

Variable Inc Spectro 1

Spectro 1 is a compact, affordable, easy to use tool for measuring and communicating color. Using our patented and patent-pending technology, Spectro 1 delivers accurate and repeatable color measurements at a fraction of the price of benchtops.

App compatible, Bluetooth enabled, Spectro 1 is backed by one of the most powerful cloud management systems in the industry–Variable Cloud.

We combined Spectro 1’s compact, portable design with patent-pending technology to design a convenient, efficient, and exact color matching system that is smartphone compatible with untethered color measurement.

Unlike standard-issue colorimeters on the market, Spectro 1 uses multiple light sources and sophisticated matching algorithms to produce exact color matches, reflectance curve data, and detailed color data for every scan.


  • Connect to Spectro App and wirelessly scan colors via Bluetooth
  • Save and export spectral curve data in 10 nm increments between 400 – 700 nm
  • Create and store standards through Saved Colors feature in the Spectro App
  • Compare samples against your standards with an intuitive user interface
  • View spectral curves and Lab values for scanned colors
  • View matches under 4 different light sources including A, F2, D50, and D65
  • Backup data to the Variable Cloud color management system
  • Share or export scans, matches, and folders

Variable Inc. Color Muse

Color Match Made Easy™

Scan a color, Match to Products, Discover Inspiration. Color matching for consumers, DIYers, and professionals designers to instantly match paint, textiles, carpet, tile, apparel, accessories, and more.

The color muse device is the latest color scanning technology that allows you to scan smooth or textured surfaces. Equipped with its own light source to ensure precise color scanning, the color muse device pairs with the coming free color muse app* on your smart device (iOS & Android) to create an unparalleled color system.

Scan colors and find products. Match, coordinate, and complement colors.

For orders greater than 10 units we will contact directly regarding timeline for delivery.

Variable Inc. Color Muse SE

Variable Inc’s MUSE SE provided a color experience unlike any other…

The Color Muse SE is the color-scanning tool that designer dreams are made of. Whether you’re in the studio or working with clients, the SE matches color with unparalleled accuracy, sporting a sleek design that’s just as professional as you are. Equipped with its own light source to ensure precise color-scanning, the Color Muse SE pairs with the free Color Muse app via Bluetooth to bring you a streamlined experience for matching any color to countless products like paint, textiles, flooring, and home décor.

Included with your Color Muse SE:

  • Color Muse SE scanning device
  • Protective carrying pouch
  • Neck and 1 wrist lanyard with extra calibration cap
  • Alignment card
  • Optional – Add PANTONE® Color Subscription of over 16,500 colors