Controlling Colour with the Munsell System by Paul Centore (2015-08-02)


AN AFFORDABLE MUNSELL BOOK. Controlling Colour with the Munsell System helps artists and designers understand colour and use it effectively. This affordable book accurately reproduces over 1500 standard Munsell colours. Developed over a century ago, and now standardized scientifically, the Munsell system organizes colours in artists’ terms. When working, an artist or designer is continually asking how light or dark a colour is, whether its hue is warmer or cooler, and whether it is duller or more saturated. The Munsell system features just these properties: hue (red, bluish green, purple, etc.), value (light vs. dark), and chroma (dull vs. saturated). Artists need to see physical examples to choose colours confidently, so this book presents the universe of hue, value, and chroma in 41 Munsell colour plates. Controlling Colour with the Munsell System fills a niche by offering an extensive set of Munsell colours at an affordable price. The standard Munsell reference, X-Rite’s “Big Book of Color,” is extensive, but its price of nearly $1000 is beyond the means of many artists. The New Munsell Student Color Set (3rd ed.) is another excellent reference; though affordable, it only presents about 250 Munsell colours. Controlling Colour with the Munsell System is in the form of a binder, from which individual hue leaves can be removed. The individual colours are printed patches rather than swatches. The patches have been spectrophotometrically measured, insuring that their accuracy is at least on par with the other two books. For artists, designers, and painters who want a practical, hands-on, understanding of colour, Controlling Colour with the Munsell System is a unique working tool that would be an asset in any studio. Update (April 2017): The binder size has now been increased, to flip the colour plates more easily.

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