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The COLOR MUSE app assists consumers, DIYers and professionals (such as interior designers, architects, paint contractors and material specifiers), streamline the color selection process.

Scan color, find products that match, coordinate and complement. Color referencing, collecting, organizing and sharing has never been easier and more efficient. Pair with our COLOR MUSE scanning device for increased functionality and color collecting in the field.

COLOR MUSE offers:

  • Instant color match to exact colors
  • Paint, carpet, flooring, tile, apparel, accessories & more
  • Speed up the color selection process
  • Share color palettes with friends, clients & colleagues
  • Material & paint libraries on your mobile device
  • Cross reference colors between brands & materials
  • Color referencing, collecting, organizing and sharing has never been easier, more accurate and more efficient.
  • A Color Reference System of a Different Color

The COLOR MUSE system changes the way modern color management systems operate. The compact size and mobility allow for easy collection and identification of color, which is critical, as you may never know when a color will inspire you. The COLOR MUSE system gives you the ability to match these colors to color and material libraries.

The COLOR MUSE app allows color referencing, selection and inspiration collection to streamline the color selection process.

  • Scan, store, file and reference colors
  • Reference scans against color libraries
  • Scan colors and store them in your custom palettes
  • Remembers device connections for connecting with ease during later usages
  • Provides paint and material matching for leading U.S. and International paint companies
  • Browse full color libraries of paint and material manufacturers
  • COLOR MUSE offers best color match referencing from physical colors
  • COLOR MUSE helps organize your matched colors into palettes
  • Attach pictures to your inspirational palettes

Requires COLOR MUSE scanning device.

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