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Capture your world in PANTONE Color, build and create palettes to test on 3D-rendered materials & designs, and share PANTONE Colors with your Creative Cloud® account, clients, and social networks.

Subscribers get access to all PANTONE Colors (more than 10,000 standardized hues across all libraries and disciplines), and receive a 1-week or 1-month free trial with a monthly or annual subscription.

Bring full color to Studio with one of these subscription options:

  • Monthly – $4.99/month with 1-week free trial
  • Annual – $29.99/year with 1-month free trial


  • Color Values/References
    • sRGB
    • Hex
    • CMYK
  • Harmonies (complementary, monochromatic, analogous, split complementary, triadic)
  • Cross Reference visually across all Pantone color guides and color systems

Color Palettes

  • Build color palettes consisting of up to five colors by selecting from color guides
  • Take a photo and use our color picker to build a custom palette
  • Extract colors from images on your phone or Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts
  • All palettes can be sent to Adobe® Creative Cloud®

Color Studio

  • Apply colors against different designs including graphics, interiors, and typography.
  • Visualize PANTONE Colors on pliable 3D papers and fabrics.

Crowdsourcing Inspiration

Studio features external sources of content to pull in the inspiring, colorful work of others. Users can scroll through artists’ designs and images organized by PANTONE Color and select their palettes for use.

Trends from the Pantone Color Institute™ (PCI)

Receive insights from PCI through a convenient feed of content rich in color insight and imagery. Content includes articles focused on the emotions, meanings, psychology and context behind particular colors. This also includes curated trend palettes to use in your next design project.

All tools, features, and content are free with a selection of available PANTONE Colors. Those who previously purchased the myPANTONE app get full access without subscription.

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