Convergence of Textile & Print: Interview with WhatTheyThink

Author: Shoshana Burgett, Pink Elephant Productions

We talk with Cary Sherburne, from WhatTheyThink to Discuss the Triumphs and Challenges of Digital Textile Printing and What the Future Holds.

Listen in on our conversation with Cary Sherburne from WhatTheyThink as we discuss AATCC’s Digital Print Show regarding the development of digital textile printing, as well as its benefits and challenges. Discover the ways digital textile printing makes new applications accessible, one of which is customization. Customization enables a shift in the customer’s priorities from the quality of the product to an emotional attachment. This customizability also decreases the likelihood of returns and increases consumer loyalty and consumer engagement. Digital textile printing does demand a reconsideration of life-cycle costs, sustainability and collaboration with suppliers.


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[…] Convergence of Textile & Print: Interview with WhatTheyThink […]

[…] Convergence of Textile & Print: Interview with WhatTheyThink […]

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